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As a natural entertainer, and Plain City, Ohio native, Jessica Minshall (founder/owner) took her first step as a stilt walker in March 2011.  Making "great strides" that same month she was hired for her first gig at a String Cheese Band concert in Denver, CO.  The joy of seeing the smiles on guests faces made her realize that entertaining was her calling.  For the next two years, Jessica continued to work as an independent contractor being hired for more and more events as the months went on until she was being asked to provide many more performers in addition to herself.  By 2013, the work had grown so great that she knew it was time to leave her day job and to commit to providing smiles full time.  With a strong desire to provide whatever a customer needs to make their events as special as possible, and the costume designer just down the street, her inventory of costumes and circus equipment kept growing, as well as her availability of different types of performances and performers.  From the small beginnings of being a sole stilt walker in 2011, Jessica has grown a company with hundreds of costumes, dozens of employees, and over thirty different acts to provide.  We've done amazing things in the past, now let's see how incredible we can make the future!



The Amazing Giants have been all teraining on their stilts representing Columbus, Ohio throughout events worldwide! Collectively they probably have walked 500 miles just to walk 500 more. They have the best costumes and a stack of one-liners that will crack up the crowd with jokes that actually get them invited back year after year. The Amazing Giants are excited to be expanding to Oahu and providing entertainment on the Hawaiian Islands in 2019! 

"We enjoy marching in parades, walks on the midway, long rides in the sprinters & giving high fives." 

The Amazing Giants stiltwalkers are personable, attracttive and so much fun.  Typically there for the party, they have the ability to lift anybody up on a down day..   

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